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The latest interactive video for Japanese band Sour reflects two big trends from this year: multiple pop-up windows and music videos that pull in the user’s personal data.

Last year, Sour scored a big hit with their Hibi No Niero video which used fans’ webcam footage to charming effect. The new video, for track Mirror, echoes Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown in that it takes the user’s personal details (in this case Facebook, Webcam and Twitter) in order to create a personalised, multi-window experience.

Go to the site and you are asked to input your log-in details to Facebook, webcam and Twitter.

It’s a beautifully done experience, even though many of its various elements have been seen before, for example in the Arcade Fire piece mentioned above, in Paul Kamuf‘s Light as a Feather film (Kamuf is featured in the Jan issue of CR out this week) or in various ‘upload your webcam footage’ composite projects. Nevertheless, Masashi Kawamura, a creative director at Wieden + Kennedy New York and his fellow directors Qanta Shimizu and Saqoosha have combined those elements and more to entertaining and absorbing effect. via Creative Review.

We’ve seen the W+K ones from London and Amsterdam… here are a few from Australia. The first is from Host Sydney and is based around a Christmas tree that you post tweets on as decorations. The second is from The Jamboree and is a bit out there as it’s all about Christmas ‘Carols’. The third is from Euro Sydney that is based on the Angry Birds app, but using staff faces as the birds. Check ’em out.

Hosts Christmas Message is kinda cool – bit like W+K London’s one

From The Jamboree – only about 8 Carols (bugger)

Euro’s Angry Birds effort – cool

via Adverblog

Working on a pro bono basis, Landor Associates has created two distinct wayfinding systems for Great Ormond Street childrens’ Hospital (GOSH).

The first (which has already been implemented) sees each of the hospital’s six buildings take on a particular colour identity to make navigation through the various buildings easier. And the second, which has been specifically devised for the yet-to-be completed Llewelyn Davies Yeang designed Morgan Stanley Clinic Building (MSCB), is based on the natural world. A host of different animal characters will help visitors to the building find their way around, as well as put children at ease in the environment… read more

It’s amusing… via adverblog.

If you are interested in graphic design and typography, you do know the famous graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister. You can see his works as below:

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 1

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 2

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 3

See his work at

Stefan Sagmeister’s new website offers a glimpse into his studio’s working life: the homepage features a live webcam while interaction is via vinyl graphic ‘buttons’ stuck on the floor

Sagmeister’s sites have always departed somewhat from the portfolio-based norm – the last one, for example, being a headache-inducing clash of colour and type which was more endurance test than pleasant browsing experience.

The new site creates an interface out of a series of vinyl stickers applied to the studio floor and shot from directly above by a live webcam. So now the world can thrill to the site of a bustling modern design studio at work ie designers sitting in front of screens for hours on end with their headphones on, rising occasionally to get more coffee/relieve themselves/go shopping for more skinny jeans and overpriced trainers . And presumably clients can keep an eye on things too…

No doubt Sagmeister’s detractors will see it as an exercise in vanity but it’s certainly a fresh and intriguing way to tackle an issue which all design studios struggle endlessly with – the dreaded studio website.

This film shows the installation:

via Creative Review.

Here’s a nice idea from Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup: creating images using a tattooing machine on heavy watercolour paper.

Dahlstrup sketches the design in pencil first, then goes over it with the tattoo needle to create the final effect.

See his work at via Creative Review and Vimeo.

It’s a very sweet video with lovely illustration to show a love story by postgal workshop. via YouTube.

It’s a short story inspired by moving in Amsterdam, illustrated through paper. Enjoy! via Vimeo.

It’s a nice short movie. Enjoy! via Vimeo.

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