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Starbucks using the popular font design, YWFT Hannah, on the front of their website. You can find YWFT Hannah at YouWorkForThem.

Chanel Makeup Peter Philips Animated VIDEO


“The most awesome 450 page presentation ever.” That’s how the authors call this slide show—and I agree. It is awesome. But knowing that it was made using only Google Docs and no extra software whatsoever, makes it truly unbelievable.

You can see part of the creation process—which took three days by three animators—in the complete YouTube Video. If you are really curious, you can access—and playback—the gigantic Google Doc that was submitted to Google’s Demo Slam. via GIZMODO.


Amusing…. :p

It’s a very sweet video with lovely illustration to show a love story by postgal workshop. via YouTube.

It’s a short story inspired by moving in Amsterdam, illustrated through paper. Enjoy! via Vimeo.

It’s an interesting hand-drawing illustration and video. Nice! via Vimeo.

It’s a cool & interesting video. Enjoy~~ via Vimeo.


Nexus director Johnny Kelly has directed a new film to promote YouTube Play – a collaborative project between YouTube and the Guggenheim Foundation that seeks to showcase the very best creative videos from around the world…

The idea behind YouTube Play is that any non-commercial films posted on YouTube in the last two years can be considered – and new submissions can be posted on YouTube and then submitted to A jury of film buffs will decide which works will be presented at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York in a special exhibition in October this year. Simultaneous presentations of the work will also take place at the Guggenheim museums in Berlin, Bilbao and Venice. Submissions close July 31.

YouTube Play Intro video: behind the scenes

For more info on YouTube Play, visit
via CR blog.

Directed by Liam Stevens of MakeMake Studio, the animation in stop-motion is entirely made out of cut out paper and with the pen. More than 3 months of work in this medieval Japanese landscape. via Vimeo.

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