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Bla Bla Bla is a sound reactive application for iPhone and iPad created by the students at the design department of IUAV of Venice and later at the ISIA of Urbino. This app is a little selection of an exercise called “Parametric Mask” with aim to introduce students to “Procedures of Basic Design” and the basics of programming.

The new exercises introduce the use of a programming language as a tool that allows to solve problems. It’s not a programming workshop, but a way to use numbers, math and logic, which permits to show objectively how we solve a design problem. Students attend the first year of a design school and have never programmed before. The programming language used in the workshop is Processing. The porting for iOs was written in Open Frameworks.

Download app here. via CAN.

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. This book helps you with the hard part”from Guy Kawasaki / Co-founder of Alltop, Former Apple Chief Evangelist

The book will change the way you work:

  • Overcome “reactionary workflow” and start pushing ideas forward.
  • Let go of the myth of the lonely creative genius.
  • Push through the “project plateau” .. and finish!

It sounds miraculous! Can’t  wait to read…. via 99%.

Love the idea that using QR code to make something special. Via Fubiz.

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