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The making of “Hero,” a drawing of Miguel’s dad composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots. It’s a very cool video to show his love for his dad. Amazing and warm! via Vimeo.

Typotheque is pleased to announce the release of Dance Writer as an iPhone/iPad app. Dance Writer converts text into a choreographed sequence of poses based on the shapes of the letters, enabling users to send animated messages to their friends via email, or just enjoy the graceful movement in full Retina-quality resolution on their own displays.

Download app here.

An impressive sculpture conceived by the artist Willem Van Weeghel entitled “Dynamic Structure 29117 ″. Movements realized thanks to the 32 independent lines which move and form random structures. The whole is controlled by a computing system. via Fubiz.

“The most awesome 450 page presentation ever.” That’s how the authors call this slide show—and I agree. It is awesome. But knowing that it was made using only Google Docs and no extra software whatsoever, makes it truly unbelievable.

You can see part of the creation process—which took three days by three animators—in the complete YouTube Video. If you are really curious, you can access—and playback—the gigantic Google Doc that was submitted to Google’s Demo Slam. via GIZMODO.

At the time of the exit in preview of the film Tron Legacy in Australia, the teams and the Eness studio based in Melbourne carried out an impressive installation of skateboarding. A mixture of “projection-mapping” and interactivity, on a music of Galapagoose. via Fubiz.

The latest interactive video for Japanese band Sour reflects two big trends from this year: multiple pop-up windows and music videos that pull in the user’s personal data.

Last year, Sour scored a big hit with their Hibi No Niero video which used fans’ webcam footage to charming effect. The new video, for track Mirror, echoes Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown in that it takes the user’s personal details (in this case Facebook, Webcam and Twitter) in order to create a personalised, multi-window experience.

Go to the site and you are asked to input your log-in details to Facebook, webcam and Twitter.

It’s a beautifully done experience, even though many of its various elements have been seen before, for example in the Arcade Fire piece mentioned above, in Paul Kamuf‘s Light as a Feather film (Kamuf is featured in the Jan issue of CR out this week) or in various ‘upload your webcam footage’ composite projects. Nevertheless, Masashi Kawamura, a creative director at Wieden + Kennedy New York and his fellow directors Qanta Shimizu and Saqoosha have combined those elements and more to entertaining and absorbing effect. via Creative Review.

It’s amusing… via adverblog.

If you are interested in graphic design and typography, you do know the famous graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister. You can see his works as below:

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 1

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 2

Designing Minds: Stefan Sagmeister -Part 3

See his work at

Here’s a nice idea from Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup: creating images using a tattooing machine on heavy watercolour paper.

Dahlstrup sketches the design in pencil first, then goes over it with the tattoo needle to create the final effect.

See his work at via Creative Review and Vimeo.

It’s a very sweet video with lovely illustration to show a love story by postgal workshop. via YouTube.

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