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It’s a very interesting book with lovely illustration to know about browsers and the web. via official site

Stefan Sagmeister’s new website offers a glimpse into his studio’s working life: the homepage features a live webcam while interaction is via vinyl graphic ‘buttons’ stuck on the floor

Sagmeister’s sites have always departed somewhat from the portfolio-based norm – the last one, for example, being a headache-inducing clash of colour and type which was more endurance test than pleasant browsing experience.

The new site creates an interface out of a series of vinyl stickers applied to the studio floor and shot from directly above by a live webcam. So now the world can thrill to the site of a bustling modern design studio at work ie designers sitting in front of screens for hours on end with their headphones on, rising occasionally to get more coffee/relieve themselves/go shopping for more skinny jeans and overpriced trainers . And presumably clients can keep an eye on things too…

No doubt Sagmeister’s detractors will see it as an exercise in vanity but it’s certainly a fresh and intriguing way to tackle an issue which all design studios struggle endlessly with – the dreaded studio website.

This film shows the installation:

via Creative Review.

Martin Rack’s Design Made in Germany site has won the top prize in the first Web Fonts Awards, organised by Monotype Imaging

Monotype set up the awards to raise awareness of the Web Fonts technology which allows browsers to support ‘real’, licenced fonts of the designer’s choosing and to recognise best practice in its use. Rack’s site, issue five of an online design magazine, won both the Judges’ Choice and the publicly voted Community Choice categories.

Second place went to Quipsologies, part of the UnderConsideration site designed by Armin Vit and which he runs with his partner Bryony Gomez-Palacio.

Full details here. via Creative Review.

Need a quick way to find variations of any colour and get their hex values? 0to255 is made for doing just that; simply pick a colour and it’ll come up with a great big swatch of colours from white to black, using an interval optimised for web design. via

“Grey Shines” is an innovative interactive musical featuring actual employees of GREY. The charactars of GREY employees are funny. You can change the head of them, who you choose to know.  After choosing one of them, the character and a monkey are dancing together. Clicking a letter on keyboard, he gonna change the dancing before loading the music video. Via TheFWA.

It’s a cool site. And, it makes me excited about using iPhone app to fly helicopter in the site. Wow… come to try.

Gimme fresh now, thanks! It’s time to visit.

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