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We’ve seen the W+K ones from London and Amsterdam… here are a few from Australia. The first is from Host Sydney and is based around a Christmas tree that you post tweets on as decorations. The second is from The Jamboree and is a bit out there as it’s all about Christmas ‘Carols’. The third is from Euro Sydney that is based on the Angry Birds app, but using staff faces as the birds. Check ’em out.

Hosts Christmas Message is kinda cool – bit like W+K London’s one

From The Jamboree – only about 8 Carols (bugger)

Euro’s Angry Birds effort – cool

via Adverblog

The Conran Shop’s windows are now looking suitably seasonal, with colourful design products placed in a landscape of white wooden Christmas trees and a carpet of ceramic mushrooms…

The wooden trees (there are over 300 between the two Conran Shops in London’s Chelsea and Marylebone) were all hand made from recycled wooden pallets by the Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project. They vary in size but many are for sale, costing between £15 to £200 – with 50% of money raised going back to the Sussex based recycling project which looks to recycle unwanted wood, and offer training and job opportunities to long-term unemployed.

Find out more about the Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project by clicking through to their site. via Creative Review.

There’s also a making-of film on YouTube too:

March 2020